Championing Social Mobility

Whilst Amir* is an individual seeking asylum in the UK, he is also a learner, working hard to become a highly professional manager, economist and entrepreneur within the next ten years. The Skills and Education Group Foundation has joined Amir in his journey.

Before Amir came to the UK, he was living in Germany and had Level B2 certification in German language proficiency—meaning he had advanced language skills—but did not have the opportunity to attend university there due to strict policies regarding asylum seekers. So he came to the UK, where he hoped he would have better opportunities.

However, due to his asylum status here, Amir’s access to loans and support from the government, as well as his ability to apply for jobs, is restricted. Fortunately, he applied for and received a Learner Grant from the Skills and Education Group Foundation, which has been crucial in allowing him to overcome financial barriers and continue his education through undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

As an asylum seeker, Amir is determined to work hard at his education, believing that it is a key factor for success, and he is passionate to expand and advance his knowledge, skills and experiences as he works toward a professional career. However, without professional skills or a degree, Amir knows that he could struggle in the job market and face obstacles preventing him from becoming self-employed and improving his economic situation. So he began his life in England by studying his Access to Higher Education Diploma in Business at The Sheffield College, a Skills and Education Group Access Centre and member of Skills and Education Group.

Amir looks forward to becoming competitive in the job market, boosting his employability, and gaining the skills to solve social and economic issues. Receiving the Learner Grant from the Skills and Education Group Foundation has encouraged him to work harder on his education and enabled him to focus without the stress caused by financial worries.

*name changed for privacy

Despite tremendous setbacks since childhood, but also because of them, I am highly motivated to work to become an academic, professional person. I am also motivated to give something back, both voluntarily and financially, to the local community in the future.

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